Southern Oregon Mind-body Outreach Project
Bringing wellness therapies to the underserved

Fiscally sponsored by Yoga Blue, Inc.

Yoga Blue is an outreach organization dedicated to teaching yoga to support people recovering from substance abuse or other self-destructive behaviors.  Southern Oregon Mind-body Outreach Project (SOMOP) is a nonprofit educational, outreach and advocacy group that provides mind-body therapies to those in need and is a program of Yoga Blue. The purpose of SOMOP is to complement existing Southern Oregon programs serving at-risk populations by teaching coping, stress-reduction and behavior modification skills in order to reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress, addiction, anxiety, depression, anger outbursts, and nervous conditions.

Our organization provides access to therapies for stress management and a variety of coping skills for mental and physical health.  Some of the therapies we provide are hatha yoga and yoga therapy, Taoist yoga, addiction recovery and trauma therapy, guided meditation and relaxation, and creative arts therapies (music, art, dance).

SOMOP teachers have worked in the community for several years, serving in numerous programs across southern Oregon, including Lithia Springs Residential Treatment Homes, Kids Unlimited, The Maslow Project, Addictions Recovery Center, OnTrack, Kolpia Counseling, Southern Oregon University Wellness Program, The Wilderness Charter School, Santo Community Center, and Ashland and Medford YMCAs.  In addition, we have delivered individual therapy services and community classes in a variety of settings.

Our teachers have a unique combination of skills and backgrounds and various fields of interest and expertise from which to serve diverse populations with a variety of challenges, including at-risk youth, addiction recovery, domestic violence, trauma, active duty military and veterans, and seniors. 

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